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Scan Your Walmart Receipt!


If you been shopping at your local Walmart, scan your receipt with the “Walmart Savings Catcher” in the app.  You’ll find this jewel in the Walmart app. With Savings Catcher if a competitor advertises a special deal for a lower price they’ll give you the difference. Not a bad deal! You can get some of your money back on items you purchased.  Now, I must admit I’m not the best at remembering it and have to get better at that, but here’s  a way to save money without clipping coupons!


Turn your receipts into cash!

Start saving today with MobiSave-the app that lets you shop anywhere! The main thing I love about this app is that you get real cash real fast! Now no one is going to walk up to you and hand over the money, but they will put it in your paypal account. So, the groceries you are buying for  the week make sure you check Mobi Saves because it could pay for your next morning coffee! Click on “Mobi”  below to sign up and get some cash back for shopping!



Are Your Cards Giving You the Benefits?

Using coupons are a big thing here on SGQ, its in our name! But, finding out where you can earn monies with everyday things, in what we have to do anyway is a clear bonus and  a must do. I recently picked up a prepaid card at Walmart. “Amex Serve”, I chose this one because every time I shop with it I get to keep 1%.  Ok you don’t have to laugh that hard.  It’s not a lot but if I have necessity that I will have to pay each month than I can earn money on bills! I purchased the card originally to keep my side hustle money separate from my 9-5 money separate.  You may want to take a moment and look to see if your cards are giving you benefits that can actually help you.  So far I have earned 40 bucks on little stuff  in less than a year.  So, take a closer look at your cards “what have you done for me lately” to see if they earn space in your wallet.