Are Your Cards Giving You the Benefits?

Using coupons are a big thing here on SGQ, its in our name! But, finding out where you can earn monies with everyday things, in what we have to do anyway is a clear bonus and  a must do. I recently picked up a prepaid card at Walmart. “Amex Serve”, I chose this one because every time I shop with it I get to keep 1%.  Ok you don’t have to laugh that hard.  It’s not a lot but if I have necessity that I will have to pay each month than I can earn money on bills! I purchased the card originally to keep my side hustle money separate from my 9-5 money separate.  You may want to take a moment and look to see if your cards are giving you benefits that can actually help you.  So far I have earned 40 bucks on little stuff  in less than a year.  So, take a closer look at your cards “what have you done for me lately” to see if they earn space in your wallet.


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