30 Bags/30 Days

30 Bags/ 30 Days

September 1st the start of a new school year and it’s exciting to me especially the back to school sales and my lust for great boots.  But, also September 1st is my 30 bags/ 30 day challenge for myself,  you welcome to join me.  Any-size bag no matter can be used to remove mind clogging clutter from my home.  It so easy to get the clutter in and not know how to get it out.  No need to await for January because I want to enjoy my holidays of family who just happen to be in town and friends you run into. And, being ready for guest is big load off during the season of giving.

I know it September 4th and I have removed 4 bags and my 5th is awaiting by my door to leave with me when I go.

“Save on Everything, Qpons is just the beginning”


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